Family Dream Car


It was always a dream of mine to have our own family car ever since we were children. As a child, I wanted to travel comfortably just like others whose parents had a Lancer or a Volvo. Good thing my aunt had an owner-type jeep so we usually ride with them to and from school.

But it also occurred to me that buying a car was really expensive and that it was not yet a necessity for us since our school was just near our house. This may be the reason why my parents did not consider buying one. It’s just hard whenever there is strong rain as we can get wet, or whenever we were running late. Also, when we go to the city for some errands, which is an hour away from our town, I always think of what it feels like to have your own car without having to commute. We had no choice but to be seated in a public-transport vehicle full of passengers.


That’s what I really thought during my younger years. But then we weren’t financially stable at that time so having a car would just be a disadvantage. I and the family were also apart physically because of our school and the workplace of our parents so we rarely see each other during those years.

When I got married and had a child, the dream of having a family car came to my mind again. But considering that we were just starting out, I knew that there were lots of things to think about before turning that dream into a reality. And the fact that it’s just my husband who is working at that time makes it more difficult to open up my thoughts of buying a car. Fortunately, he had plans already of buying one because it was really a hassle to run our errands to the city from our hometown. Public utility vehicles were very rare in our place. Still, there are lots of things that should be considered first before finally deciding to buy your own car.


First, you and your spouse need to agree on a budget for a car and that you will have to set it aside. You need to decide whether you want a brand-new or a second-hand car and what type of car would suit your budget. You also need to decide if you are going to have it through loans from banks or car dealers, or if you will save up for some time and buy it in cash. Of course, if you have a big paycheck, this may not be an issue. But for us who were still starting on building a family, we needed to plan and talk about it first with my spouse to address the pros and cons of owning a car. For my part, owning a car can really be useful for the family especially when there are health emergencies. And of course, for convenience.

After some time, we have decided to buy a second-hand SUV because it was more spacious and within our budget. Luckily, it was a car previously owned by my husband’s friend so the buying process was much easier and less of a hassle because they assisted us in the buying and transfer process. You just need to have a mechanic to check first on the car’s machinery to know if the car is worth its price. When we bought it, we didn’t consult a mechanic and just relied on my husband’s knowledge of cars. Thankfully, we did not have major issues with our purchase.


I just realized that having a car can both be an advantage and a disadvantage to the family. Certainly, it gives us protection during travels and keeps us dry during rainy days when traveling. It is also comfortable unlike riding in a bus or a public transportation wherein you really need to adjust with the other passengers and can’t really do anything about it when you’re in discomfort. During long travels, having your own car allows you to stop and rest whenever needed.

The downside of having a car is budgeting for maintenance and repairs which can really take a toll on your finances. If your budget is tight, you need to sacrifice on some of your wants so you can be able to maximize the use of your car. Gasoline and car expenses is expensive, but at least you are comfortable to have that luxury to travel anytime you want.

On the other hand, owning a car is like a dream come true for me and it really served our family well. Though it has its downside, it has also helped us in many ways. Having a car enabled us to bring our baby to downtown for her monthly check-ups. We were also able to have some family time together and travel to some nice places apart from our hometown. As an old adage says, “The family that travels together, stays strong forever.”


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