How To Take Care Of Your SUV During The COVID-19 Pandemic

You are probably at home comfortably sitting on your porch, and so is your SUV. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives. Instead of being outdoors and enjoying long drives, we are stuck at home, distancing ourselves from one another for our safety. But your SUV also needs your care and attention. Prolonged idling of cars may lead to problems in the future.

Here are some tips on how you can take care of your SUV while in quarantine:

Be Mindful Of The Driver


Yes, you! According to Prof. Rory O’Connor, P.h.D., “Increased social isolation, loneliness, health anxiety, stress, and an economic downturn are a perfect storm to harm people’s mental health and wellbeing.”

Your SUV could not drive on its own; you also have to mind the wellness of your mental health during the pandemic—the new situation brought uncertainties in our lives. To avoid overthinking and negative thoughts, keep yourself busy and productive. Plan future trips, do things that you have been delaying or tinker with your SUV. Once the virus is away, it would be another reason why you should go on a road trip. Make sure you and your SUV are ready to hit the road.

Fill Your Tanks


Gas tanks of vehicles that have been idle for more than a month can generate moisture. To avoid this, you should fill up your tanks to remove the space where moisture can build up. You can also add fuel stabilizers to prevent the fuel lines and engine from corrosion.

Avoid A Dead Battery 

Batteries, when unused, may be discharged. There are various ways to avoid a dead battery. You can avoid this by driving your SUV even once a week. Take a night stroll around your subdivision or even around the parking lot of your condominium. You may also invest in a jump starter to get you covered in case of emergencies.

Check Your Tires


The lockdown is not a reason to leave your tires unattended. Please make sure they are always at the ideal air pressure level. If you leave your tires deflated, it will lead to its degradation. Putting a wooden block underneath your tires may also ease the pressure on them to avoid drawing air out of the tires.

Leave Your Car In “Park” Or “Reverse” 

Instead of leaving your car on the parking brake, you can choose to leave it in the park or reverse mode. Car experts say that car parts that are in contact for an extended period may lead to corrosion, especially for humid places.

Clean The Interior 

The heat inside a parked car is a favorable atmosphere for molds to grow. It will eventually cause an unpleasant smell inside the car. To avoid this, make sure that you clean inside your vehicle before parking; make sure that you do not leave food or crumbs. If your parking area does not have shade, you can slightly open the windows at noon to allow the hot air out of your car.

Maintain Your Fluids

Your SUV’s fluids help in prolonging the service life of your vehicle. Make sure that your SUV has adequate transmission fluids and has proper oil to avoid future problems. As much as possible, follow your maintenance schedule.

Wash Your Car


Please do not allow your SUV to gather dust and dirt simply because no one will see it. Regular car cleaning is essential to protect your car’s paint. You can also consider covering your vehicle while it is parked.

Remove The Wiper Blades

Your wiper blades have rubber material. Prolonged non-use of the wiper may cause it to stick and leave unsightly marks on your windshield. To avoid this, you can remove the wiper blades while you are not using your SUV, or place a plastic wrap between your windshield and the wiper to prevent direct contact.

We know that you are itching to go outdoors and to step on the pedal of your SUV. However, your safety should always be a priority. Follow these simple tips to lessen your worries and other future expenses.

The pandemic might have delayed your plans, but it will surely push through in time. While you are waiting, keep yourself busy. You can read this article to learn how to be safe and ready for your next adventure.

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