Details From The 2016 Chicago Crash Facts And Statistics



According to the 2016 Chicago Crash Facts and Statistics, there were 281,788 reported crashes that involved motor vehicles occurring in the streets of Illinois. That is equal to 772 car accidents every day! This is such horrifying data that needs to be attended to. As if this wasn’t the worst, you’ll know that there’s more. 

  • There were also more than 800 tragic car accidents that led to more than 900 people dead.
  • Every day, there were about nine persons on the average who were injured every hour.
  • All in all, there were nearly 12,000 Illinois residents who had injuries due to car crashes that led to people having difficulty driving, walking, or doing usual activities normally. These injuries included broken extremities, serious lacerations, abdominal trauma, and chest or head injuries.

Do you wonder why so many car crashes happen in the state of Illinois? Perhaps these pieces of information will shed light on this.

As per the Department of Transportation in Illinois, nearly 200 of the 493 fatally injured drivers showed a positive BAC or blood alcohol level. Of these drivers, 20% were in the age range of 16-20, who also tested positive for BAC. Finally, reports revealed that nearly 200 drivers and 90 passengers who died in car accidents didn’t have their seatbelts on.

Consequently, these reports were backed by Illinois police, who said that about 30% of the deadly crashes were related to speeding. This information is not new to other states, as the National Safety Council stated that all over the country, there are over 13,000 drivers and passengers that die because of speeding. Moreover, texting or calling while driving increased one’s chances of getting into an accident, which is why using hand-held communication devices is illegal for drivers below the age of 18.


There are a lot of reasons why people get into big and small kinds of car accidents, some of which probably have not been reported to the police or other government agencies. However, one should be aware,  from the details mentioned above, that most of these car crashes were a result of drivers’ negligence, which is completely avoidable.




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