2014 Worcester Road Accidents Statistics: The Primary Causes Of Road Accidents

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Road accidents are happening every day with 70% of the victims being occupants of the vehicle – driver or passenger, while the other 30% are those outside the vehicle – pedestrians or motorcyclists. As per the World Health Organization, there are about 1.25 million road traffic fatalities in 2013. The 2014 Worcester Road Accidents Statistics shows the causes of road accidents in the hope that people would be more careful when on the road.


Three Primary Causes Of Road Accidents:


Distracted Driving


Distracted driving is the topmost reason of vehicle crash in the US. A driver could lose concentration due to many reasons such as using a mobile phone, eating, drinking, talking, or arguing with a passenger while behind the wheel.




The speed limit varies for each state. For instance, in Massachusetts, Worcester in particular, the average speed limit is 30 miles per hour. The limit depends on many factors, the width of the road for instance. When drivers drive above the maximum speed limit, they risk being on a road collision with other vehicles because a slight increase in speed misses the chance to slow down to avoid an obstacle.


Drunk Driving


Of course, there is drunk driving. When a person is drunk, he loses coordination; therefore, there is a high risk of getting involved in a car accident. It is difficult to calculate or concentrate on walking alone when drunk, how more on driving a vehicle?


Source: pixabay.com


Road accidents are unwarranted that’s why they are called accidents. The 2014 Worcester Road Accidents Statistics shows the primary reasons why these unfortunate things happen. By identifying the causes, it makes people aware of what they should avoid when driving. Often, we can put a lot of caution but would still be at risk of accidents because we do not control the other vehicles on the road. The only thing we can do is to be responsible in our driving and not be the cause of the accident.



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