SUVs Recall For Flaws



Many manufacturing companies of SUVs recall hundreds of thousands of their vehicles due to various problems that might cause severe damage in case of a crash.

GM recalls more than 1 million SUVs and pickup trucks because of steering power problems.   The EPS is said could be lost momentarily and will suddenly return.   If this happens, the driver will find it difficult to steer the wheel, especially when in low speed, thus increasing the possibility of a crash.  Models that have a problem are of the 2015 model year, include GMC Sierra, Yukon, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, and Suburban.


BMW recall SUVs manufactured in South Carolina.  BMW released a statement that they will recall 1.6 million vehicles all over the world, especially those made in South Carolina.  The recall is said to be because of the possibility of encountering fluid leaks which could cause a fire.


Ford will be requesting owners of SUVs to bring their cars back.  Those who own 2018 Ford Edge and 2018 Lincoln MKX, mostly those assembled in the Oakville Assembly Plant in Canada are requested to take their cars back to the dealer.  The size of striker bolts in these SUVs is shorter than what they are supposed to be.  There is a possibility that the door might swing open in the event of a collision, which might worsen the risk of injury.  The repair is going to be free of charge.


Nissan already has its recall notice to be served to over 215,000 SUVs due to fire risk.  There is a problem with the seal used in the anti-lock brake pump.  It could break, and if it does, the brake fluid might leak into the electronic circuit board.  This would then cause a malfunction.  ABS warning lamp – an indication to stop driving – will be on and stay on.  If you continue to drive, brake fluid could cause electrical short that may lead to a fire.


Affected cars are the Nissan Pathfinder (2017–2018), the Nissan Maxima (2016-2017), Infiniti QX60 (2017), and Nissan Murano (2015-2017).  So, when the owner noticed the ABS light turned on for more than 10 seconds after starting the engine, he must park it outdoors away from other cars or structures.  Don’t drive because of the risk of fire.


Subaru manufacturing company promised the owners of 2019 Subaru Ascent that they would replace their vehicles with brand new ones.  Subaru recalled 293 of the Ascent SUVs (2019) due to the missing key spot welds on its B-pillar.  This part holds the hinges of the second-row door.  This issue affects less than 1% of the model built and is caused by wrong software programming on the welding robots.  The report says that only nine of these vehicles were already sold.  The others could still be in transit or in the dealer lots.


It’s not common for automobile manufacturers to replace the vehicle instead of just repairing it.  Subaru spokesperson said that this defect could pose an increased risk of injury if when an accident happens, so instead of just repairing, they are replacing the vehicle.


It’s a complete surprise why such negligence happened during the assembling of SUVs.  Life of people and properties are at stake.  Most of these issues are blamed on wrong input in the robot software.   Well, those robot programmers should be more careful and give extra attention to the data they input on the robots.  The robot is just following what their operators are feeding them.  We can’t just blame a robot when lives are put to danger or taken away in case of an accident.


It’s nice to hear that these manufacturing companies are taking the responsibilities of requesting the return of and pulling out in the market of these defective SUVs that could pose a danger during accidents, which end to fatality and property damage.  No matter how high or less the numbers involved are, the safety of the passengers and the consumers, in general, are a priority.


Manufacturers are correcting the problems, but it would be better assurance if no recall of that significant numbers are issued so that we will be expecting better quality vehicles in the future.  The SUVs are supposed to make transportation convenient and safe.



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