How To Be Safe On The Road In Your SUV?

According to a report published by IIHS, SUVs are more likely than cars to be in deadly single-vehicle crashes, especially rollovers.  SUVs are heavier than cars that death in SUV passengers in a multiple-vehicle collision is less likely to happen.


SUV Rollovers

A rollover is when a vehicle flips over onto its side or roof.  Rollovers can cause severe injury, vehicle damage, other property’s damage, and worse, death.  Major automobile manufacturers face quite some charges (class action and single lawsuit) due to lack of safety.


Why do SUVs rollover?

There are many reasons why very often we hear on the news SUVs rolling over causing fatalities and property damage.  The most common is turning too fast, especially on blind curbs.  Gravity and pressures of inertia battle against the tires of the SUV.  And because of SUVs heavy nature, the tendency is it will turn over.  The proportion in the vehicle’s height and width is more than enough to cause some errors (miscalculation).


Collision, tripping, and rough terrain could also be some of the causes for an SUV to roll over.  Not only SUVs experience rolling over, but any automobile will also roll over with the same reason as above.  It’s just that reports say that SUVs are at a higher risk of rolling over when an accident happens.


Every road is indeed a danger zone for both motorists and passersby that safety should always be considered.  I’m sharing with you some tips that I hope will help you keep informed and out of danger.



Have your SUV serviced regularly by your dealer company or a reputable garage (if you want to save some bucks)?  It’s necessary to ensure that your SUV is always in top-notch condition especially when going for a long drive and crossing rough terrains.


Be knowledgeable even with minor maintenance – changing tires, jumpstarting the car – in case something happened, and no mechanic can attend to you asap.  Check on the conditions (pressure) of your tires.  Invest in tires.  Worn out tires can burst anytime.   Flat tires are the common reason why travelers end up stuck at the roadside.  It would always be best to have a spare tire (in good condition) ready at all times.


Be aware of warning signs your SUV is sending you; something might be wrong.


Be sure to fill up your SUV with fuel when going on long trips.  If you ignore this, you will surely end up on the side of the road.


Watch Your Driving

Be present, alert, and aware when driving and once you made a stop.  Always check if your car doors are locked.


Keep all your valuables away from the eyes of a sneak thief.

Always keep distance between your car and the cars around you, especially the one in front of you.


Avoid using your phone while driving.  If you have to, take a stop first.


Never drive when your doctor advised you not to, and never ever drive when you’re drunk or sleepy.  It’s not just you who will be in danger but all others who are on the road with you.


Be careful with hitchhikers.  Not all are that nice, and predators come in different sizes and forms.


You’ll Never Know When Your Car Is Going To Break Down

Always be ready with your emergency numbers, first aid kit, and a fully charged cell phone, and other things which you think you will need in case of an emergency.  If possible have an extra battery for your cell phone.


Never get out of your car when in an unsafe situation.  Wait until the help and rescue you requested arrived.


You and your loved one’s safety should always be a priority when on the road, not to mention the other drivers you are with on that same road.  It’s still better to be alert and safe than sorry.

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