In The News: SUV Accidents In 2018

Road accidents happen, and every year a number of this vehicular accidents involve SUVs.  Some involved rollover collisions, losing control which often end in fatalities.


Watching YouTube vids of SUV accidents in the highways will leave you feeling frustrated seeing how SUVs come out of nowhere smashing and rolling over cars and pedestrians that get in its way.


This is often the scene during many SUV accidents that are caught on dash cams and traffic cams.  As early as January, various highway accidents were reported that involve SUVs.


Single Vehicle Collision Took 2 Lives

In Toronto, a car crash killed two people as the vehicle wrapped itself around a sign along Hwy 401.  The accident happened at dawn (around 4 a.m.) on January 3, 2018.


The SUV first hit a concrete barrier and then went airborne hitting the sign standard.  The vehicle wrapped itself around it like an accordion.


SUV Slams Into A Home

The accident took place in Union Township around 7:15 a.m.on February 9, 2018.  Six people are seriously injured, five of which are children.


According to the report by the authorities, the SUV and another car that was trying to make a left turn collided.  The SUV then smacked two other cars before it hit the home front.  People who were in the neighborhood at that time and witnessed the accident rushed to rescue the people trapped inside the SUV.


Will Ferrell In A Serious Car Accident

Actor Will Ferrell was riding an SUV van when it got flipped over in a two-car accident in Orange County in the night of April 13, 2018.   He, with two other friends and his driver, was rushed in the hospital and was released after being checked for injuries.  His driver and another colleague remained in the hospital for treatment but is in stable condition.


SUV-School Bus Crash

Another heartbreaking news is a reported collision at March Valley Road and Klondike Road which involved a school bus and an SUV in the afternoon of July 27, 2018.  The 32 children on board the school bus are safe and sound, but the sad news is that the person driving the van died.


SUV Carrying Children Overturns Hwy 180

An SUV with seven people in it, including children, was caught in a car accident.   The other involved car was a pickup truck.   The incident happened on September 8, 2018, along the eastbound Hwy 180.


Children’s books, shoes, and other children’s belongings scattered the highway after the crash (check the story here: .  The two vehicles overturned.   The SUV stayed on its roof when the responders arrived at the scene of the accident.


Police SUV Killed A Woman In A Collision

A Michigan police SUV collided with another car leaving the woman passenger of the vehicle dead.   The Berrien County Sherriff officer pronounced the 69-year-old woman dead at the scene of the crash on a Sunday afternoon, September 16, 2018.  The police officers suffered some injuries.


SUV-tractor Collision, One Person Injured

A tractor removing the mud off the highway collided with an SUV on County Road 81, just two miles south Grand Forks last October 20.  The person driving the Chevy Blazer sustained injuries as his vehicle collided with the tractor which is a 2001 John Deere.


Driving on the road is one heck of an adventure with dangers lurking in every turn.  Safety is a must if you want to arrive unharmed in your destination, not ruining anyone’s life.



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